Is the right time now? Well, only you can decide that but I may be able to give you a little advice. If you decide to train as a Domestic Energy Assessor then you will have a few career options available to you. These will be:

Produce EPC Certificates

Every property that is being marketed for sale or rent will need to have a valid EPC. An estate agent will not be able to advertise a property until they can display a valid certificate. This is European Legislation and cannot be changed by the government. It was brought in to help countries in the EU meet CO2 emission targets by 2020. An agent will usually charge around £50-£75 depending on the type of property and where you are located in the country. Prices do vary depending on the amount of competition in your local area so this average price may be lower or higher depending on these variations.
How much would an agent charge as a finding fee? Well, in most circumstances they don’t. They would rather have a good, well presented, reliable assessor that will represent their estate agent in a professional manner. If they charged you a 20% commission this could be around £10; so is this worth it to an estate agent charging 2% on the sale of a property? Probably not. Therefore, if you could get a good working relationship with an estate agent you are likely to get business on a regular basis to carry out their EPC’s

Solar PV Companies

From 31st March 2012, any homeowner that wishes to put solar panels on their house will have to have a valid EPC and Level D or above. If they do not have a certificate at Level D or above the homeowner will get a lower tariff from the Feed in Tariff (FIT) of 9p kW/h as opposed to the 21p kW/p for having an EPC. The FIT is payable to the customer over a 25 year period and can therefore be the difference of up to £9000 in government grants. Solar PV companies are now scrambling to get DEA’s to work for them as their business plans are in tatters without a valid EPC. Due to the high demand of PV panels DEA’s would be able to charge towards the upper echelons of the average price for an EPC.

The Green Deal

This is the Coalitions flagship Green Policy to update the energy efficiency of homes in Britain and will come into effect from October 2012. Homeowners will be able to improve the energy efficiency of their homes at no upfront costs. They will be able to install a variety of measures that will be paid for through savings on their energy bills. The golden rule is that measures installed cannot cost more than the installation cost of the measures put in place. The Green Deal will be offered by major companies like Tesco, B and Q and building merchants as well as smaller contractors. To install any Green Deal measures the homeowner will have to have a valid EPC. The EPC will tell the homeowner what savings can be made and how long the payback period will be. Homeowners will be able to get things such as new boilers, new windows, cavity wall insulation and many more measures without paying a penny. The estimate savings on the energy bill will pay for the new measures.

So, is now the right time? The question is for you to answer but there are many opportunities for you to create your own business in the Green sector.
If you would like to become a Domestic Energy Assessor then contact me at EPC-Training. You will not get a better service, training structure or price with anyone else. That is our promise to you! I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to start your new Green career today.

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